The smart tablet multi-purpose integrates four functions of dissolution, disintegration time limit, tablet hardness and tablet friability. The shape is smooth and beautiful, compact and stable, and it is highly reliable and easy to operate. advantage. At the same time, it has the characteristics of “accurate speed”, “stable operation” and “low energy consumption”. This product is widely used in pharmaceutical plants, medical research, teaching and research and drug testing departments. The technical indicators of various functions are in line with the «Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 Edition» and the standard of conformity evaluation of generic drugs.


  1. The technical indicators of each function are in line with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition and the standard of conformity evaluation of generic drugs.
  2. Built-in user rights management, data management system, and long-term detection of data.
  3. Higher precision integrated circuit design to ensure measurement accuracy.
  4. More perfect, simple and user-friendly operation interface and method.
  5. Four functions of one machine: dissolution rate, disintegration time limit, tablet hardness, tablet friability; more efficient and convenient.
  6. Smaller size, reducing the footprint of the lab bench.
  7. 6 baskets or paddles (optional Teflon coating) can be installed, and 6 185mm high-precision vessels can be placed.
  8. More precise temperature control system and more convenient drainage system.
  9. High-definition transparent lens window above the hardness test chamber, which is clear and intuitive for each test process.
  10. The speed is more accurate, the operation is stable, the energy consumption is low, and the reliability is high.
  11. With fault self-diagnosis function; detection data can be exported and printed by USB.
  12. Optional small cup method accessories (for the third method of dissolution determination).